Integrated Management System Document
Doc 5.3.1 Politica per la qualità, l’ambiente, l’energia e la SSL rev.05.doc
Quality, environment, energy and health and safety of workers policy 

The Management of CARTESAR SpA, strongly believes in the importance and the commitment to define all the productive processes in the respect of the safety and health of workers, environmental protection and energy efficiency. Company’s management believes that quality, the real quality, can be pursued only through the management of internal processes in accordance with the principles already mentioned.
All this defines a reference framework in which the management of internal processes, according to the principles of Quality, Environmental protection and energy and Health and Safety of workers, is an indispensable element to strengthen and expand its position on the market, even and above all through responsible conduct rules for natural resources and human resources. The prevention of pollution, accidents and occupational diseases, energy efficiency, quality and production are the Company’s main objectives.
For these reasons CARTESAR has voluntarily chosen to implement an integrated quality, environment, energy, health and safety in the workplace management system complying with international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI CEI EN ISO 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001. In 2010 it also obtained the FSC_COC Forest Stewardship Council Certification, Chain of Custody with the purpose of certifying the traceability of the raw materials based on pulp and to ensure that the final consumer makes an ethical purchase.

In this regard, CARTESAR SpA declares that it is committed to:
• Identifying the best and most advanced production processes and adopt them,
• Directing and supporting managers in the purchase of energy-efficient products and services;
• Pursuing the continuous improvement of quality, safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency standards, also through a periodic analysis of the economic, social, and legislative framework;
• Legitimizing its product and demonstrating its daily commitment towards “environmentally friendly, responsible, socially useful and economically viable” management.
• Directing the processes towards the satisfaction of all the Customer’s needs;
• Establishing a relationship of collaboration with suppliers, so that their products and services meet the current policy and the agreed quality parameters;
• Exercising an adequate level of control and surveillance with regard to internal processes;
• Maintaining compliance with environmental, energy and occupational health and safety legislation over time;
• Promoting dialogue and collaboration with all possible stakeholders, in order to demonstrate in a transparent and credible way that it is possible to start production processes oriented towards environmental protection, energy efficiency and protection of health and safety at work and commitment to the achievement of the pre-established objectives;
• Ensuring the achievement of the objectives set by adequate planning, control of the implementation phases, and the involvement of all staff.
• Adopt and gain ownership of a Policy for the Association of Organizations to FSC with reference to the FSC-POL-01-004 document as per the signed self-declaration.

The Managing Director undertakes, with determination, to:
• apply in first person the rules established in the Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety at Work Management System Manual and promote compliance with the management and operational procedures related to it;
• Make staff aware and train them on Quality, Environment, Energy Efficiency, Health and Safety at Work issues so that the staff is aware of the responsibilities and possible repercussions on the environment, health and safety and the quality of the activities carried out;
• Make resources and information available in order to achieve objectives and goals;
• inform, train and educate the personnel on the correct use of the Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety at Work documentation;
• Periodically review the Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety at Work Management System, the policy, and the corporate objectives set.
This Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety at Work policy is shared with all the staff. Everyone is called to collaborate on achieving the provisions of this statement. This document is made available to all internal and external stakeholders in order to establish good relations with all supervisory bodies, the population, the companies, and the organisations in Salerno, the region, and the nation.

Pellezzano, 03/04/2018 CARTESAR S.p.A.
Chief Executive Officer