CARTESAR becomes part of ELITE, the international platform of the London Stock Exchange Group.

Cartesar is among the 15 new companies with high growth potential that will have access to a network of opportunities and value thanks to the Deutsche Bank Lounge. At present the lounge consists of 492 companies of which 313 of them are Italian – with aggregate revenues equal to 40 billion Euros for over 178,000 jobs across Europe. The purpose of the lounge is to foster the development of participating companies through new organisational and managerial development, aimed at making deserving companies even more competitive and innovative on the market and to investors.



From Food to Industry, from Chemistry to Fashion: the companies selected to enter the ELITE community come from 7 different Italian regions. “The Lounge model in ELITE represents an interesting and innovative evolution in the bank-enterprise bond” stated Elite CEO Luca Peyrano.

“We have always been close to Italian businesses who are capable of taking on today’s challenges, innovating, internationalising and evaluating the numerous opportunities on the market” adds Silvio Ruggiu, Head of the Deutsche Bank branch network in Italy. “ELITE allows for high-level training to trigger the path of cultural and organisational change necessary to undertake these choices.”

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