Pellezzano awarded for paper and cardboard collection

Pellezzano awarded for paper and cardboard collection

Pellezzano. Thanks to the administration campaign, launched in 2012, Pellezzano is among the 12 municipalities in southern Italy to be awarded for the best separate collection of paper and cardboard.

The recognition was awarded by Comieco (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging) as part of the 2013 “Premio Comuni Ricicloni” (Recycling Municipalities award), which took place in Rome. The result is a worthy example of the industrial integration of the Campania district of the paper supply chain.

Within the “Club Comuni Ecocampioni” (Eco-champion Municipalities Club) of Campania, the Pellezzano town government along with twelve other administrations identified in the region actively collaborated with the Cartesar paper mill and the Sabox paper industry, bringing to an end the ambitious project to close the recycling cycle within the Campania Region. The waste collected by the Municipalities was given to the paper mill and then transformed by the packaging company to obtain the furnishings for the set-up of the America Cup lag that took place in Naples in April this year.

Mayor Carmine Citro expressed great satisfaction: “We have been awarded for our unceasing work, but above all for the collaboration of citizens who responded to our appeal. A special thanks goes to Cartesar, in the person of its manager Felice De Iuliis, who represents excellence in the field of paper and cardboard recycling and processing. The presence of this company in the Pellezzano territory is a source of pride for us, as well as an inspiration to increase paper collection.”

Also, an essential piece of news comes from the Provincial Observatory of Waste in Salerno that, in its latest report, notes a positive recovery in separate waste collection. After a momentary impasse, the Municipality returns to 50% of separate collection. “The results are improving day by day, and we must thank the Pellezzano Servizi workers who, in recent months, have constantly worked to recover the percentage of waste collection that had suffered a decline. I would like to take this opportunity to invite the citizens once again to take great care with the waste that goes into the undifferentiated collection bag because it is precisely through the correct separation of non-recyclable waste that the best results can be obtained”, commented the Mayor.

Corriere di Salerno, July 10, 2013